The announcer is the voice behind the game. It narrates certain events that may happen during gameplay.

There are three announcers in S4:

  • The male announcer for Touch Down mode and general announcements is JC, rapper of the korean band 3rd Coast.
  • The male announcer for Captain, Battle Royal and Chaser modes is Mike B, rapper who sings the SuperSonic & Nova lyrics.
  • Unknown female announcer, who narrates the amount of time remaining in a match.


Male AnnouncerEdit


  • Fight! Show me your S4!!
  • Woohoo, perfect shot!
  • It's a shakedown.
  • Amazing, is it possible?
  • Alright, the round is about to start.
  • You have won the match!
  • Winner! You got the game!
  • Critical!

Touch DownEdit

  • Nice chance let's take it!
  • Warning, go to your goal post
  • Danger, Danger
  • Dangerous, defense, defense
  • Alright now!
  • Dropped! Pick it up! Pick it up!
  • Woops, go get the ball man!
  • Jo Ah, Ganun guhya! ('좋아 가는거야! = "Alright, Lets Go!")
  • Lets, go, go, go!
  • Oh no, lost the ball!.
  • C'mon man!
  • Run, run, run!
  • Oh no, touchdown they take the lead.
  • Oh no, touchdown they've got a score
  • Touchdown!!! Strike.
  • Touchdown!! Who's that man, who's that man!
  • Touchdown, its looking bad man.
  • Touchdown, I knew it man!
  • Touchdown, you got a score!
  • Touchdown! One point, one point lead!
  • Everybody, let's go!

Chaser ModeEdit

  • You're the Chaser; bring it!
  • This is the Chaser! Ready go!
  • Next round will be started! Ready?
  • Damage Rank! First/Second/Third place!

Battle RoyalEdit

  • NOOOO!!!
  • Whoops...
  • Warning! Warning!

Siege ModeEdit

  • Dangerous! Defense, defense!

Female AnnouncerEdit

  • Good!
  • Ball, reset
  • 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Time is up.
  • Five minutes left.