Arena Mode is a playable game mode in S4 League, first introduced in Season 8: Neo Netsphere. Currently, the mode is swords/melee-exclusive, which means guns are not playable at the time.

There is currently only one map in Arena mode: Neo Arena.

Arena mode is a team-orientated mode similar to Deathmatch or Captain, however instead of fighting in teams, one player from either team is only able to fight with one another in the form of 1v1 rotations. Each rotation or round ends when time runs up or either player is killed; the winner of a round will continuously fight against members of the opposite team until 1) the player is killed or 2) the player has a 3-win streak. After either case, the player will switch places with another member of his or her team.

Scoring Edit

  • Assist: 1 point
  • Kill the opponent 1 in a row: 2 points (Kill leader: 3 points)
  • Kill the opponent 2 in a row: 4 points (Kill leader: 5 points)
  • Kill the opponent 3 in a row: 8 point (Kill leader: 9 points)
  • WIn the leader showdown: 3 points

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