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Azit is a small-sized Deathmatch map in S4 League. There are "drop-slide" style spawns, which are in large number. The rest of the map is very small, resembling a square, and is based on the style and aesthetics of a city.



  • This map is set to Sword Match by default.
  • It is the first and only map that support lowest amount of players, due the map size.
  • The background music to Azit is called Brave It Out, and is also found on one of the missions in Arcade Mode; sometimes it does not play by default.
  • There are some ads from teams of baseball, football, tennis, and more, There is also banner which is written "NO S.D!!", possibly reference to Spy Dagger.
  • There is a house with some instant pumbee noodles, a freezer, and a TV with a picture of Korean GM.

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