Azit map2
Map Size


Game Mode

Captain Mode
Death Match

Max players

12 or 16


Azit-EX is a small-sized Captain Mode and Death Match map in S4 League.

Released in Season 3, Azit-EX has different levels. There are 4 spawn points, consisting of massive ramps that lead up to the main stadium. You can go back and forth each of the 4 ramps via jump pads on both captain and deathmatch. Also, Azit-EX is larger than Azit, as it gives proper access to all the floors. Azit-EX also features jump pads on the sides of the map to quickly get to each of the sides faster. Another jump pad is on the 2nd last floor on the side and in the middle. The map was intended to be designed for sword matches but also it can be used on gun matches as well. Unlike Azit, Azit-EX can have a maximum of 16 players, due to the larger size.



  • This map is set to Sword Match by default.
  • There is the same house, like in Azit, there are instant pumbee noodles, a freezer and a TV.

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