Book Collection is a feature in S4 League.



Costume Description Items Reward

P1-1ClockRabbit (N)

P1-1ClockRabbit (U)

Clock Rabbit
"The male Alice Costume, Perfectly fitting with the female Alice look, you can go in partner look. Every Alice lover should wear this costume to impress his girlfriend. Caution: This costume will make you look like a hot hare and ladies will start staring at you."
  • Clock Rabbit Boy Top
  • Clock Rabbit Boy Pants
  • Clock Rabbit Boy Gloves
  • Clock Rabbit Boy Shoes
  • Rabbit Hat
  • Submachine Gun/Neo Spade
  • EXP +10% (3 Days)


  • Name Tag (7 Days)
  • EXP +10% (7 Days)
  • PEN +20% (7 Days)

P1-2SmartAlice (N)

P1-2SmartAlice (U)

Smart Alice
"The new costume that is inspired by Alice. This is the Next Gen AI system created by the company called 'The World', This costume was secretly sold to S4 League users. The designers of this costume believe that this costume should only be worn by the best players."
  • Smart Alice one-piece Dress
  • Smart Alice Pants
  • Smart Alice Gloves
  • Smart Alice Shoes
  • Rabbit Crown Band Hair
  • Submachine Gun/Neo Spade
  • EXP +10% (3 Days)


  • Name Tag (7 Days)
  • EXP +10% (7 Days)
  • PEN +20% (7 Days)

P1-3DarkAssasin (N)

P1-3DarkAssasin (U)

Dark Assasin
"It is always dangerous to venture into dragon's den, you need to wear this costume to have a chance against the virtual dragons! The costume is made out of a special fabric and allows the user to move faster and silently in the darkness, This costume is THE perfect costume for the conquest mode when battling the AI. It is flexible and light."
  • Dark Assasin Top
  • Dark Assasin Pants
  • Dark Assasin Gloves
  • Dark Assasin Shoes
  • Dark Assasin Hood Cap
  • Spy Dagger/Assasin Spy Dagger
  • PEN +20% (3 Days)


  • Name Tag (7 Days)
  • PEN +20% (7 Days)
  • HP +3 (7 Days)

P1-4WickedJoker (N)

P1-4WickedJoker (U)

Wicked Joker
"The female version of the Dark Assassin has less fabric. Therefore, it is not only lighter, but way sexier. Be aware though, this costume also makes you as fast as lightning!
  • Wicked Joker Top
  • Wicked Joker Pants
  • Wicked Joker Gloves
  • Wicked Joker Shoes
  • Wicked Joker Cap
  • Spy Dagger/Assasin Spy Dagger
  • PEN +20% (3 Days)


  • Name Tag (7 Days)
  • PEN +20% (7 Days)
  • HP +3 (7 Days)

P1-5SpecialWaiter (N)

P1-5SpecialWaiter (U)

Special Waiter
"A costume that has been inspired by a waiters uniform from a posh restaurant. Some say it has been used as a disguise by agents and ninjas."

P2-1 LovelyCook (N)

P2-1 LovelyCook (U)

Lovely Cook
"A costume that might be able to turn you into the world's greatest chef. No, not for real. But this costume was also used by agents, along with the Frying Pan (Storm Bat Unique) as a weapon!"

P2-2 KungFuFighter (N)

P2-2 KungFuFighter (U)

Kung Fu Fighter
"This costume is specially designed for the disciples of Shaolin. This costume looks like it can boost fighting techniques and turn you into the worlds best fighter."

P2-3 ChipaoGirl (N)

P2-3 ChipaoGirl (U)

Chipao Girl
"It is said the this costume once belonged to a very famous fighting girl from China. Everyone wearing it shall honor this female fighter!"

P2-4 WaterSports (N)

P2-4 WaterSports (U)

Water Sports
"Experience cool summer by using Water Sport costume. This will make you feel like your in the ocean."

P2-5 SexySummerBikini (N)

P2-5 SexySummerBikini (U)

Sexy Summer Bikini
"It's time to go to the beach!. This costume will show how sexy you are!"

P3-1 PirateMale (N)

P3-1 PirateMale (U)

Pirate Costume (M)
"Arrr! A pirate stays a pirate!. Look like a real pirate captain and bring shock and awe to your foes!"

P3-2 PirateFemale (N)

P3-2 PirateFemale (U)

Pirate Costume (F)
"Don't judge by her looks, she's one of the scariest pirates in the world!. The pirate costume will turn you into a sexy pirate. Arrrr!"

P3-3 HunterDarten (N)

P3-3 HunterDarten (U)

Hunter Darten
"Specially trained sniper Darten the hunter!!!. This costume helps him to accomplish his mission from 'The World'"

P3-4 HunterDamia (N)

P3-4 HunterDamia (U)

Hunter Damia
"Specially trained sniper Damia the hunter!!! This costume helps her to accomplish her mission from 'The World'"

P3-5 DeathImpactor (N)

P3-5 DeathImpactor (U)

Death Impactor
"Infected Leaguer by Lilith Virus!! Costume for Death Infector who spreads viruses by receiving orders of Lilith!"

P4-1 DeathQueen (N)

P4-1 DeathQueen (U)

Death Queen
"Host of the Lilith Virus. You can feel deadly virus behind her glamorous dress."

P4-2 MaleDetective (N)

P4-2 MaleDetective (U)

Male Detective
"A detective who is always seeking for the ruins of S4 League!! Now it's you chance to become a detective."

P4-3 FemaleDetective (N)

P4-3 FemaleDetective (U)

Female Detective
"A detective who is always seeking for the ruins of S4 League!! Now it's you chance to become a detective."

P4-4 BurningWinterBoy (N)

P4-4 BurningWinterBoy (U)

Burning Winter Boy
"Keep yourself warm and comfortable during winter by wearing the Burning Winter Costume. Alert: This costume has nothing to do with burning mode."

P4-5 SexyWinterGirl (N)

P4-5 SexyWinterGirl (U)

Sexy Winter Girl
"Winter costume for the HOT girls ONLY. Try this on and you will have THE look! Caution boys. It may be hot."

P5-1 MiracleMagician (N)

P5-1 MiracleMagician (U)

Miracle Magician
"The costume of an amazing magician!. Be the one who shows tricks and magic to others!. Everywhere he appears to show his tricks, a crowd is already there. Even the sexy ladies like a mysterious magician."

P5-2 MagicianGirl (N)

P5-2 MagicianGirl (U)

Miracle Magician Girl
"The costume of an amazing magician! She used to work with the male magician but since she mastered all the tricks, both agreed to work individually. She's a superstar of her own!"

P5-3 MartialArtsMaster (N)

P5-3 MartialArtsMaster (U)

Martial Arts Master
"The fightmay begin! Is Martial Arts Master strong enough? See what he can do."

P5-4 MartialArtsLady (N)

P5-4 MartialArtsLady (U)

Martial Arts Lady
"The fight may begin! Is Martial Arts Lady strong enough? See what she can do."

P5-5 FrozenLeader (N)

P5-5 FrozenLeader (U)

Frost Leader
"Specially customized male suit from The World. Upgraded base 'Lilith MK2'!! Try it on Season 7!"

P6-1 FrozenLilith (N)

P6-1 FrozenLilith (U)

Frozen Lilith
"Lilith is revived with new look! New name, 'Lilith MK2'. More powerful 'Lilith MK2' with the support of The World. Who can stop her?"

P6-2 AmazonWarrior (N)

P6-2 AmazonWarrior (U)

Amazon Warrior
"A valiant Amazon Warrior who caught a beast with his bare hands. Rumor has it the he eats humans so Leaguers need to watch out. Watch out for Amazon Warrior!"

P6-3 AmazonQueen (N)

P6-3 AmazonQueen (U)

Amazon Queen
"She may look like a girl, but she is a valiant Amazon Queen. Rumor has it that she eats humans so Leaguers need to watch out. No one can help you! Watch out for Amazon Queen!"


  • It doesn't have the limited duration when using it due to a bug.

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