S4League Patch 25 -- Captain Mode

S4League Patch 25 -- Captain Mode

Captain Selection

Kill the enemy Captain! Protect your Captain
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Captain Mode is a unique type of deathmatch that has chose players to be "Captains." Maximum odds are 6 on 6 (exception: 8 on 8 for the Azit-EX map).


Captain Mode extremely similar to deathmatch, with only 2 differences. The first difference is that this match is played in Rounds, rather than 2 halves. The second difference is that both teams have designated targets known as "Captains." When the match starts, both teams will have X Captains, where X is the number of players on each team. Anyone who joins a Captains match during a round will not receive Captains status until the next round.

Captain Status gives the player an abnomal amount of HP. The total HP will always equal the number of players on the team. For example, if there is only 1 person on Team Alpha, but 6 People on Team Beta, the only person on Alpha will have have all the HP that 6 Players would normally have, while the people on Beta will have an equal amount, divided by 6. A round ends when either the time limit ends, or all the Captains on a single team are eliminated.

Any Captain that was eliminated during the match will respawn as a normal player. However, they can now locate the remain Captains on the opposing team in a similar matter of the Detect Skill, the differences being that it displays the opposing Captains with special icons instead of IGNs, and the ability has infinite range. The game ends when the team wins enough rounds so that it will not end in a tie breaker (eg. best 2 out of 3, 3 out of 5, 5 out of 9...etc.) In the case the round ends due to the time limit, the team with the most surviving Captains win the round. If there is an equal amount of Captains, the team with the ones with the highest HP left will win the round.


The objective is to eliminate all the Captains on the opposing team. You will win a round if you team either eliminates the all the Captains on the opposing team or the time limit ends with your team with the most remaining Captains (And with the highest HP should it end with equal amounts of Captains on both Teams).

Scoring Edit

  • -1 points: Suicide
  • 1 point: Healing of teammate
  • 2 points: Killing non-captain player (Assist: 1 point)
  • 5 points: Killing captain (Assist: 1 point)
  • 5 points: For every player in team which win the round


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