Story CharactersEdit

  • Ophelia
  • Lilith
  • Protagonist
  • Hunter
  • Leader of hunters

Arcade CharactersEdit

Friendly CharactersEdit


Parent Virus

Enemy CharactersEdit

  • Big fan of Taejo
  • Fanatic fan of Taejo
  • Subordinate of Taejo
  • Infected TR-AO1
  • Infected TR-BO1
  • Infected eSper MS
  • Infected eSper B
  • Infected eSper CN
  • Infected eSper CC
  • Infected eSper CU
  • Infected eSper SS2
  • Infected eSper Snp
  • Infected TR-AO1
  • Infected TR-BO1
  • TR-BO1
  • TR-AO1
  • Self-Destructed Robot
  • Infected Healer
  • Virus

Boss CharactersEdit

  • Parm 107
  • Infected Taejo
  • Master TR-AO1
  • Parent Virus
  • Guard Captain
  • Monk
  • Head of Taejo's Fanclub
  • PR executive of Taejo's Fanclub
  • Event Organizer of Taejo's Fanclub

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