Chess Code King is an enemy character in the game mode Conquest and also appearing as a pet.


King of Mirror Land, stern looking but shy.
  — In-game description 

The Chess Code King (Pet) comes in 2 variants, a version without stats and a Smart Pack.

No statsEdit

The version without stats is obtainable as 1 Day or Permanent item.


Smart PackEdit

The Smart Pack version is only obtainable as Permanent item.


You can only receive the Chess Code King (Pet) by opening G's Chess Code King capsules or by exchanging 10 kind of cards for the Smart Pack version. You can only obtain G's Chess Code King capsules by opening Cube Capsules. If you exchange all kind of cards for the G's Chess Code King capsule you will always receive the Smart Pack version.




Besides the Chess Code King (Pet) there's also a NPC based on the non-stated version of the pet. This NPC spawns in wave 8 from Conquest Mode.

Once spawned it tries to get to the cube as fast as possible. He doesn't move fast but he has a lot of health and deals unlimited cube damage. He's only able to do 2 attacks, a melee attack and a running attack. You can get his attention by walking very close to him, but once he comes close to the cube he will just move forward and ignore you.



According to hackers there is a corrupted version of the Chess Code King in Conquest Mode. It's unknown where he will be used for and if he's getting released or not. The differences between the Corrupted Chess Code King and the normal Chess Code King are that the Corrupted Chess Code King has more health and deals more damage. And of course the Corrupted Chess Code King has a different skin.

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