Due to the flexiblity of the game, there aren't any actual classes in S4 League, but knowing what to do is very important. Classes help determine style of play. Roles are sub-catagorized under class. In S4 as a whole, there are Offensive and Defensive class.


This group of eSpers try to get as many kills as possible by actively seeking out their opponents. They will try to get as many points as they can for the team. In Touchdown, the offense trys to break the opponent's defense and scores with the fumbi.

In Siege Mode, the offense trys to capture the "capture points." In Captain Mode, the offense generally tries to kill the enemy captains.

Standard weapons:

Standard Skills:

  • SP Mastery
  • Shield
  • Anchor
  • Invisible


This group of eSpers try to prevent the enemy team from gaining points. In Deathmatch, the defense normally stays at or near the team spawning zone. Defense is usually responsible for healing fellow eSpers. In Touchdown, the defense must stop the opponent's offense from scoring. In Captain Mode, the defense is responsible for surviving and keeping the team alive. In Siege Mode mode, the defense should keep the "capture points" that the team already has.

Standard Weapons:

Standard Skills:

  • HP Mastery
  • Shield
  • Block
  • Metallic

Special ClassesEdit

This is a special catagory for different roles in S4 that does not pertain to TD.

  • Survivor: This person gains points best in Chaser by surviving the chaser's onslaught.
  • Juggernaut In Chaser, this person normally kills everyone as the chaser. Often an offensive lone wolf.
  • Lone Wolf: The person who works alone in BR, DM, Captain, and occasionally TD.
  • Last Captain: The person who is the last captain in Captain Mode. If a good survivor, this person can help turn around a round of captain.
  • Stormtrooper: The tank who can easily wipe the field of enemies. Good in DM and Siege.
  • Dueler: One on one killer. Usually fights at his own rhythm.Agile with various melee weapons. Mostly close ranged. Known to use revolver.
  • Auxiliary: Mind Energy+SmashRifle+SubmachineGun. Can provide support for stormtrooper at mid range by added firepower and healing. Can gather points fast if knowledgable of jumps and headshots.
  • Kamikaze: Uses Invisibility,SpyDagger and Bomb to great effectiveness. Can wipe out opponents in small maps (eg: Luna 2) Not afraid of dying.
  • Support: Uses Railgun, Cannonade, Semi-Rifle, and occasionally a close range weapon for defense. As the name suggests, the player is supports his team, occasionally saving his team from danger by picking off the dangerous opponents.

Above terms are personally developed. Other players may have different terms. Feel free to add to the list.

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