S4 League puts a large emphasis on style; apparent in the name, and even more so in the gameplay.

So how stylish can you be if you are naked?

That is a question you shouldn't answer.

S4 League has a large variety of clothing options, many of them very "stylish", whats more, typically they even boost your stats.

Most clothing come in multiple colors, except for red. Red versions of clothings are reserved for the opponents, who appear in red as a form of player identification.


The following is what you should expect from your Pimp Shirt, Cool Gloves, Good Shoes, Bangin' Accessories, Unreal Pants, or Sexy Hair:

Item PEN Stat Premium Stat

Rifle Defense (Head) +7%

Guns Weapon Defense (Head) +7%

Heavy Guns Defense (Head) +7%

Rifle Defense (Head) +15%

Guns Weapon Defense (Head) +15%

Heavy Guns Defense (Head) +15%

+5% EXP

Face SP +6 SP +8 +5% EXP
Shirt Attack +5% Attack +12% +5% EXP
Pants Defense +5% Defense +14% +5% EXP
Gloves HP +4 HP +8 +5% EXP
Shoes HP +4 HP +8 +5% EXP
Accessory SP +6 SP +8 +5% EXP
  • SP +6
  • None
  • SP +6
  • Chaser probability increase/decrease (Chaser Virus pet)

Clothes are sort of a big deal in S4 League, and it is advised to wear them. Note that having these clothes equipped will increase your survivability by a small margin. For example, even with +HP and +DEF clothes, multiple criticals will still do you in.


Clothing Type Price Duration
Hair, Face, Accessory 645 PEN 1 Day
Hair, Face, Accessory 1295 PEN 7 Days
Hair, Face, Accessory 2595 PEN 30 Days
Hair, Face, Accessory 59 AP 1 Day
Hair, Face, Accessory 129 AP 7 Days
Hair, Face, Accessory 269 AP 30 Days
Shirt, Pants (Tops, Bottoms) 2095 PEN 1 Day
Shirt, Pants (Tops, Bottoms) 4195 PEN 7 Days
Shirt, Pants (Tops, Bottoms) 8395 PEN 30 Days
Shirt, Pants (Tops, Bottoms) 109 AP 1 Day
Shirt, Pants (Tops, Bottoms) 209 AP 7 Days
Shirt, Pants (Tops, Bottoms) 489 AP 30 Days
Gloves, Shoes 995 PEN 1 Day
Gloves, Shoes 1995 PEN 7 Days
Gloves, Shoes 3995 PEN 30 Days
Gloves, Shoes 59 AP 1 Day
Gloves, Shoes 129 AP 7 Days
Gloves, Shoes 269 AP 30 Days
Virus Pets 109 AP 1 Day
Virus Pets 209 AP 7 Days
Virus Pets 489 AP 30 Days

The prices for Master Set items are different.

Some G-Capsules also give out clothes.


  • If you can't buy them with PEN or GC, you should aim to get clothing that boosts your primary weapon.
  • The PEN and GC bought clothes time limits are counted in days. This timer will start, IMMEDIATELY after you buy it, and will tick down even during offline times.
  • If you are new or are low on money, buy weapons/skills instead of clothes. It doesn't matter how cool you look if you're stuck with a training SMG.


Here are the sets in S4 League:

Male Sets Female Sets
Basic Male Set Basic Female Set
Keeper Set

Floral Set

Baseball Set Sentimental Set
Modern Male Set Modern Female Set
Checkshield Male Set Checkshield Female Set
Hip-Hop Set Casual Rocker Set
Frock Set Indian Mode Set
Pocket Line Male Set Pocket Line Female Set
Activity Set Match Bikini Set
Space Set Sportiamer Set
Midfield Hockey Set Midline Hockey Set
Layerd Set Silklace Set
Champ Set Pearls Set
Outlaw Set L-tunes Set
Master Male Set Master Female Set
Retro Boy Set Retro Girl Set
Western Boy Set Eastern Girl Set
New Sphere Set Net-Sphere Scientist Set
Zigzag Set Sun Rider Set
Cytonik Set
Iron Band  Warrior W Armour Set
Cotton Cat Boy Set Cotton Cat Girl Set
New Dive Set
Cheerleader uniform Set
Lucky Clover Set Beauty Clover Set
Angel Padding Boy Set Angel Padding Girl Set
Beasty Boy Tamer Set
Winter Bear Set Sweet Bear Set
Gentle Hearts Set Rocaille Set
Underway Set Ophelia Set
Saint Patrick Underway Set Saint Patrick Ophelia Set
Rebellious Set Lilith Set
Racing Driver Set

Motor Rider Set

Patrol Boy Set

Patrol Girl Set

Oriental Boy Costume Set Oriental Girl Costume Set
Special Waiter Set Lovely Cook Set
Clock Rabbit Boy Set Smart Alice Set
Dark Assassin Set Wicked Joker Set
Kung Fu Fighter Set Chipao Girl Set
Water Sports Set Sexy Summer Bikini Set
The Pirate Costume Set The Pirate Costume Set (female)
Hunter Darten Set Hunter Damia Set
Detective Set Female Detective Set
Death Impactor Set Death Queen Set
Burning Winter Boy Set Sexy Winter Girl Set
Netsphere Magician Set Netsphere Female Magician Set
Martial Arts Master Set Martial Arts Lady Set
Frost Leader Set Frozen Lilith Set
Amazon Warrior Set Amazon Queen Set
Pirate Ace Set Pirate Heart Set
Vacation Set Leopard Set
HeavyStone Referee Set Cheerleader Set
Imperial Guard Set Royal Guard Set
Military Dominic Male Set Military Dominic Female Set
Fumbi Ball Striker Set Sexy Striker Set
Roy Costume Set Beth Berry Costume Set
Shark Slayer Set Shark Savior Set
Dark Baron Set Jin Ophelia Set
Lederhosen Set Dirndl Set
Jack the Ripper Set Bloody Mary Set