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Increase attack and defence.
Increase reloading speed.


Daemon is the default chaser virus in S4 League if the player doesn't have a virus pet on them or the

What Daemon looks like.

Daemon Virus Pet they can obtain this Chaser Virus.

He has the appearence of a Grim Reaper. His skeleton is wearing a red bandana and a shadowy grey cloak , he also has a black and dark red aura around him. His necklace appears to be gold and has a coffin with a crucfix on it at the end of the chain. He also wields a rusty sycthe.


Alaplaya - S4 League Chaser Mode - Exclusive Sneak Preview01:24

Alaplaya - S4 League Chaser Mode - Exclusive Sneak Preview

The Chaser trailer featuring Daemon.

S4 League - Chaser Game Part 109:54

S4 League - Chaser Game Part 1

Gameplay using Daemon.

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