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EXO Scythe
Weapon type

Melee weapon


Moderate ~ High

Effective Range


Additional Stats

+1% ~ +10%, Force Pack

Obtained by

Shop, Random Shop, G's Capsule, I's Capsule

Kill icon

Kill exoscythe


A newly created melee weapon by Lilith Virus "EXO Scythe." Approach your target fast like wind and dominate it.
  — In-game description 

The EXO Scythe is a melee weapon in S4 League. It was first teased in Pmang official YouTube channel, showing its Force Pack variant.

Overview Edit

The EXO Scythe is an offensive melee weapon that specializes in combo attacks and catching evasive foes. It features a wide attack range, launching and throwing attacks, and a plethora of combo and cancel possibilities for new and advanced players alike. This fearsome weapon excels vs ranged enemies, fleeing enemies, and targets with low melee defense.


Command Description
Left Click
Slash - Three stage combo: Swing the scythe horizontally, spin for a double strike, and dash forward for an upward slash. First and second slashes flinch on hit. Third slash trips on hit.

Wielder moves forward while swinging. 

Hold Left Click

Strong Attack - Strike enemies directly in front of you, dealing significant damage and interrupting all actions. When hitting the back of an enemy, the attack will stun briefly and strike a second time for massive damage.Break block of CS.

Right Click
Upper Cut - Swing the Exo Scythe upwards, launching you and foes in front of you high up in the air.

Can be cancelled/chained by dodging, sprinting, or executing a jump attack (see below). Blockable by Counter Sword, but the wielder is not stunned on block. Consumes SP

Space Leftclick

Jump Attack - Swing the Exo scythe in a wide arc, throwing enemies outward on impact. The wielder floats briefly in midair.

Can be done only once per jump. Cannot be blocked by Counter Sword. Consumes SP

Advantages Edit

  • Wide attack range
  • Good crowd control
  • Can draw in fleeing enemies
  • Advanced combo potential

Disadvantages Edit

  • High SP consumption
  • Vulnerable to ranged counterattack


  • Try using aerial slash after launching an opponent for big damage and increased knockback distance.
    • Beware, Victims can escape the aerial slash by dodging in midair after being launched.
    • Aerial Slash cannot be cancelled by the wielder once used, rendering them immobile as they fall to the ground.
  • The 1st and 2nd combo hits can be repeated after a brief delay, or chained with a strong attack, if timed correctly.
  • Try using the SP+ skill to enhance the scythe's devastating combo ability.
  • Expert scythe users can juggle opponents by chaining uppercuts together in quick succession using an advanced melee cancel trick. Consumes a lot of SP
    • This technique propels the wielder high into the air, and can be used to scale high terrain.

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S4리그 NEW! 엑소사이드 무기 소개 영상

S4리그 NEW! 엑소사이드 무기 소개 영상


  • In Europe and Taiwan version, the EXO Scythe reuses Plasma Sword sound effects.