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A new form of upgrading your equipment to make it stronger, the enchantment system allows players upgrade their equipment (weapons, clothes, etc.) when their mastery point on their equipment leveled up. To do so, all you have to do is play any game mode to boost up your equpment's mastery points; equipment must be equiped on your character in order for it to gain mastery points. Enchantments can vary from weapons to clothes, but some aspects are the same in certain genres of equipment. To enchant your weapons you must go to the enchant mode on the top menu area. You then choose your weapon your for enchantment with full mastery points, and pay a certain amount of pen for to be enchanted.

Attack enchantment values have been proven to be non-existant. Even if you are on the game mode where the attack applies from your equip, you won't get the extra attack, this applies to random attack as well. This bug has yet to be patched.

Warning: There is a chance that the enchantment will fail and that all your previous enchanments will reset, so take caution when enchanting.


  • The maximum amounts enchantments that you can have on equipment is 20.
  • There more enchantments you have, the greater the chance you have of your equipment reseting.
  • There is chance that when enchanting you can get a jackpot, which gives you 2 enchantments levels on a certain enchantment.
  • You can buy AP items that can help lower the reset rate and increase the jackpot rate when enchanting equipment; chances may be decreased, but your equipment can still be reset and you won't get a jackpot.
  • You don't get to choose what enchantments you obtain; the process is entirely random when it comes to having different types of enchantment and stacking effects.
  • The more times you enchant an item the more PEN you use to enchant it (raising by 100 PEN each enchantment).
  • Accuracy +x% on gloves expected works on shooting weapons that have random spread orders such as Smash Rifle, Hand Gun.

List of enchantments


  • EXP +x%
  • EXP [Mode] +x%


  • PEN +x%
  • PEN [Mode] +x%


  • [Weapon-type] Defence +x%
  • Damage (if HP below 10%) +x%


  • Defence [Mode] +x%
  • Defence (if HP below 10%) +x%


  • Damage revised by distance +x%
  • Increased knock-back distance +x%
  • Random critical chance +x%
  • Stun duration +x%
  • Blow distance +x%
  • Mind weapon range +x%
  • Fire ration +x%
  • Accuracy +x%


  • Less knockback distance +x%
  • Less blow distance +x%
  • Less stun time +x%
  • Less wall jump SP consumption +x%
  • Less dodge SP consumption +x%
  • Invincible after respawn +x%
  • Movement speed +x%
  • SP Evade Consumption+x%


  • Less cool down after successful Bind +x%
  • Decrease Invisible activation time +x%
  • Decrease SP consumption +x%
  • Metallic reflect damage +x%
  • Less [Skill] SP consumption +x%
  • Increase Detect range +x%
  • Block HP +x%
  • Block duration +x%


  • Chaser target damage +x%
  • Captain target damage +x%
  • 10 PEN for killing enemy +x%
  • 10 EXP for killing enemy +x%
  • Siege occupation speed +x%
  • SP recovery +x%


  • Damage/healing +x%
  • Damage/healing [Mode] +x%
  • Random damage/healing +x%
  • Object damage/healing +x%
  • Defence piercing +x%
  • Magazine +x
  • Zoom +x%
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