An eSper Chip is a special chip that adds additional effects in addition to the current stats of an article of clothing or weapon. There are many types of eSper chips, some are weapon specific, others are clothes specific.

How to use one Edit

eSper Chips are found in the Item Tab of our inventory. Simply click "Use" to equip. In order for the chip to work, the character must have that particular item on. Once the desired item is equipped, use an appropriate eSper Chip to imbue the item with the eSper Chip effect in addition to its current stat, if any.

You cannot have more than one eSper chip on any given item. Equipping a new over the old will result in the loss of the old eSper Chip. Be especially careful if the current eSper Chip on your item is permanent. You will not get the chip back if you insert a new one.

List of eSper ChipsEdit

The following is a list of eSper Chips currently found in S4.

NOTE: This list is incomplete. Please add any eSper Chips to the correct catagory.

General Weapons: (note these Esper Chips are usable on ALL weapons, including OS-Weaponary)

  • the "Tiered Spender")mga perma ka kong gwapo si kianko sa pilipinas si kianko pro sa s4 leage


  • [Weapon name] kianko gwapo 
  • [Weapon namk} kianko gwapo


  • [Weapon name] Magazine +1/2/3

Heavy Guns:

  • [Weapon name] Magazine +10/20
  • Note: Air Gun is classified as a "Heavy Gun" but in fact uses "Gun" - Esper Chips


  • [Weapon name] Magazine +1/2


  • [Installation weapon] Range +10%
  • [Installation weapon] Range +20%(needs confirmation/ already saw ppl with 25%)

Mind Weapon:

  • Missing info

Throw Weapon:

  • Currently no known Esper Chips except the "General ones" above


  • [Weapon name] Reload Speed +10%
  • [Weapon name] Reload Speed +20%
  • [Installation weapon] Installation Speed +25%
  • [Installation weapon] Installation Speed +50%
  • All weapons def. +2/3%


  • All weapons def. +3%


  • HP+1
  • HP+2
  • HP+3


  • EXP Increase +5% 
  • EXP Increase +8% 
  • EXP Increase +10% 
  • Blow Range +2%
  • Wall Jump SP Reduce 2%
  • Evade Sp Reduce 2%
  • Knockback Range +2%


  • PEN +2%
  • EXP +2%
  • Chaser Attack +1%
  • SP Recovery +1%


  • SP Recovery +2% (Was obtainable on the Homepage in the "eSperChip-Madness" Loot Wheel.)


Pre-Season 3Edit

Post-Season 3Edit