MetallicFist HUD icon
Metallic Fist

DemonicFist HUD Icon
Demonic Fist

Weapon type

Melee Weapon


Low ~ Moderate

Effective Range


Additional Stats

+1%, +10% Attack, Special Force Pack

Obtained by

Shop, G's Capsule

Kill icon

Kill demonicknuckle


Iron boots? Defensive weapons? I speak with my fists! - Hacker G
  — In-game description 

Fist is a melee weapon in S4 League. It was released during Season 8.


Command Description
Left Click
Swinging punch to the right and left (one at a time). Flinches all targets within range.
Right Click
A step back then a mid-range punch that pushes all targets in a short line a far distance. The player gains temporary pushback immunity during the attack and it is capable of ignoring the Counter Sword's Revenge stance.
Space Leftclick
A spinning slam down that stuns all targets in wedge-shaped cone.


  • Wide splash damage
  • Mid-high damage
  • Stun ability
  • Pushback resistance


  • High vunerability to being countered
  • No reliable means of defense


  • The flinch attack can be repeatedly used to prevent a target from reloading, jumping etc. until they dodge out of it.
  • When timed and aimed correctly, the pushback attack can knock the fumbi holder in Touchdown matches down a death pit in some maps. This also applies to a few Chaser maps such as Circle-2.
  • Make use of the pushback attack if you can withstand a melee attack or two. It will make you immune to pushback while in use. This is useful if your attack misses said melee attacker.
  • Be wary of using the stun attack as you will be floating in mid-air for a second while spinning, making you an easy target for Snipers.
  • The pushback attack is an excellent tool for breaking stunlocks, as it is impossible to stop by anything other than killing the user.


Video Edit

S4 League NEW WEAPON Demonic Knuckle -Season 8 Neo Netsphere-

S4 League NEW WEAPON Demonic Knuckle -Season 8 Neo Netsphere-