Map Size


Game Mode

Battle Royal

Max players



Galleon is a large-sized Battle Royal map. It is the largest map in S4 League. Like in the Gallery, There are some cut/removed parts. Originally this was a TD map


It consists of a large flying ship with several points of hiding. The boundaries of the map are the railings on the sides of the ship, as well as the front and back of the ship where the path is cut off by metal bars. Due to the height of the railings, it is impossible to fall off the ship.

The layout of the ship includes many bedrooms with bunk beds, a furnace room at the back of the ship, a complex system of hallways and curving ventilation ducts. Some rooms in the Galleon have breakable objects, and most of the doors are breakable, though some may be ornamental.

In Battle Royal, players spawn in various places in the Galleon, some in bedrooms, others in the storage rooms. One spawn point is in a room above the hallway which joins the two sides of the ship, where the player joins the battle by dropping through a shaft into the hallway. This room may be reaccessible through the shaft by flying, anchoring, or, with enough SP, chaining wall jumps all the way up.