What is a shooting sport if there aren't a variety of modes to play in? There are currently nine game modes:

Arcade ModeEdit

A "story" mode which can consist of 1 - 4 players. In this mode, players fight against enemy AI and perform tasks such as defend allies, kill boss, etc. A capsule will be presented when all 8 missions are completed.

Battle RoyalEdit

A "free-for-all" game mode. Your objective is to kill everyone in sight and get high score to be the best in the match.

Captain ModeEdit

A "team deathmatch" mode that consists of rounds. Your objective is to defeat all of the Captains in a certain amount of time. The team that wipes out every captain belonging to the opposing team or has more captains than the opposing team when the timer runs out wins the round. The team with the most points wins the game.

Chaser ModeEdit

A "juggernaut" game mode. In this mode, one player is selected at random to be the "chaser" indicated by a large virus floating above his or her head. The Chaser's objective is to hunt down everyone else, obtaining points by killing other characters. The chaser will be under fire by everyone else, and has a time limit: however, the Chaser is given extreme attack, defense, and reload speed. Everyone who is not the chaser tries to survive the time limit or kill the chaser. Chaser is changed after the time runs out, the Chaser is killed, or everyone else is killed. After the set amount of time, the game is over.

Conquest ModeEdit

A defence mode for 1-4 players. In this mode, players have to defend the Cube from being destroyed by AI's controlled by "The Virus". Your objective is to defend all waves of enemies without letting them destroy the Cube. If you succeed, you will earn a Cube Capsule.


In Deathmatch, your objective is to kill everyone on the other team and keep killing them for high score, until either the timer runs out or the total score is reached.


A training mode. One player against many stationary sentry guns. Very little PEN and EXP is earned. Meant for practice with certain weapons.

Siege ModeEdit

A "domination" game mode. Three designated "capture points" are on the map. Both teams fight each other for control of the capture points.


In Touchdown, each team is trying to capture the Fumbi and bring it to the enemies goal post to score a point. While a player is holding the Fumbi their SP is continuously draining, making it hard for them to dodge attacks and perform tactical movements.

Arena ModeEdit

A duel mode, currently, you can only play in sword only mode, and there is only one map, Neo Arena.

2 teams of players duke it out in 1v1 until a team wins a certain amount of times.

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