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GaussRifle MK2
Gauss Rifle MK2
Weapon type

Rifle weapon



Effective Range


Rate of Fire

Medium (7 per a second)

Starting Ammunition[?]

32 / 32

Maximum Ammunition[?]

32 / 160

Reload Speed

about 2 seconds

Additional Stats

+8% Attack, Special Force Pack

Obtained by

Item Manufacturing

Kill icon

Kill gun Gauss rifle


Newly created Gauss Rifle MK2. Occupy NetSphere with upgraded Gauss Rifle MK2.
  — In-game description 

The Gauss Rifle MK2 is a Mark II variant of the Gauss Rifle in S4 League. It has different spread pattern (similar to the Assault Rifle) and Multi-shot secondary fire.


Command Description
Left Click
Fire the Gauss Rifle MK2. This time, it has square-shaped spread pattern similar to Assault Rifle. Also it has faster firing speed.
Right Click
Multi-shot. Fires in horizontal buckshot and deals knockback. Consumes 7 round of ammunition and some SP.
Keyboard R
Reload the Gauss Rifle MK2.

Advantages Edit

  • Perfect aim.
  • Multi-shot with knockback.
  • Once the spread is mastered, the Gauss Rifle MK II is more than capable of sniping at long range.
  • Fast reload.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Low mobility while firing.
  • Rate of fire is still lower than SMG or Smash Rifle

Gallery Edit


S4리그 NEW! 가우스 라이플 MK2 영상!01:25

S4리그 NEW! 가우스 라이플 MK2 영상!

KR S4 League Gauss Rifle MK2 가우스라이플 MK200:40

KR S4 League Gauss Rifle MK2 가우스라이플 MK2

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