Active skill


Turns your character invisible

Cost (SP)

20 upon activation
6 per second when using


The Invisible is an active skill in S4 League.

When Invisible is activated (by use of the shift key), your character cloaks itself into the backround of the field it's in, rendering your character almost completely invisible. This skill has an activation cost, which means that it drains a small portion of your SP bar before it begins to work. This skill will gradually drain your SP as you continuously use it, and the skill will deactivate on it's own if you run out of SP. This skill is also able to be deactivated by pressing your shift key once. The last way for this skill to be deactivated is if your character preforms an attack. Such as shooting a gun, charging a weapon or setting up a sentry. The invisible skill is recommended for players who like to preform sneak attacks, and those who like to easily infiltrate enemy lines.


  • When Invisible, characters are still only slightly visible. In the player's place, other characters can see a slight blurred background where the player is.
  • In Chaser Mode and Battle Royal, if you are the target player, Invisible is rendered useless (In Chaser Mode, as the chaser player, too).
  • Players carrying the Fumbi will still have the red light declaring their position, despite Invisible.
  • Sentry Guns and Senty Nells will also ignore Invisible and attack invisible players.
  • Detect renders this skill useless, as the names of all players are shown on their characters.

Uses of InvisibleEdit

  • Assassination: Combined with a Spy Dagger and given that no enemy has detect and/or there is no Sentry Gun pointing towards you, Invisible can easily score you free points when you aim correctly with the triple-hit Stab.
  • Surprise mayhem: This is caused by either the Heavy Machine Gun or the Light Machine Gun with a Sentry Gun. Sneak your way to the target, place your sentry and fire the machine gun of your choice like crazy.


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