LightMachineGun MkII 2
Light Machine Gun MK2
Weapon type

Heavy Gun Weapon


Low ~ Moderate (Damage Range: 8-32)

Effective Range

Medium ~ Long

Rate of Fire




Starting Ammunition[?]

100 / 100

Maximum Ammunition[?]

100 / 500

Additional Stats

+8% Attack, Special Force Pack

Obtained by

Item Crafting

Kill icon

Kill gun LMG


Spew out bulllets in a V for victory! Use the Light Machine Gun with its two additional muzzles to spray bullets continuously. Deals weak damage over a large area, but critical accuracy will drop dramatically.
  — In-game description 

The Light Machine Gun MK2 is a Mark II variant of the Light Machine Gun in S4 League.



KR Korea S4 League updated Light Machine Gun MK201:21

KR Korea S4 League updated Light Machine Gun MK2

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