Gate Breaker Iron Boots (MK2)


Increase attack and defence power.


Lilith is a chaser virus in S4 League.

She is the main antagonist in Dark Lightning. She is seen fighting with Ophelia and successfully defeats her. Also, in the Iron Eyes trailer, Lilith is seen fighting the Esper Guard Captain, using her Gate Breaker, and, later in the trailer, a Guillotine Counter Sword.


Lilith wears a black hoodie that is halfway open, revealing bandages covering her chest. Her hair is long and purple and her eyes glow a orange-yellowish hue. She wears shorts that have a have handcuffs clipped to her belt. She wears what seems to be leather boots with long gray socks with skull images on them. When first becoming the chaser, she observes a butterfly on her finger with great interest. During any other time other than the first match, she is shown thrusting her hand outwards, brushing the butterfly off her finger. She also has purple gears floating behind her.

In the season Cyborgs,She is revived by Powerz (The World) for capturing NetSphere. In this season she has short blue hair and blue eyes, and a new costume which includes a scouter around her right eye and now has the name Lilith MK2. She now has 2 allies Roy and Beth/Berry. 

Her new costume looks like a jumpsuit that consists of dark and light colours. It also appears to be wired with dark blue lights. The Powerz logo and her name can be seen on her chest.


S4 League Chaser Mode - Lilith02:11

S4 League Chaser Mode - Lilith

Gameplay with the Lilith Virus

S4 League - Chaser Mode Lilith GamePlay06:23

S4 League - Chaser Mode Lilith GamePlay

More gameplay


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