Limits stand to restrict players in a match from using certain weapons and/or skills. Certain game modes may restrict players to a certain Limit, while others will give players an option to choose between several Limits.



All weapons and skills are allowed. TDs, DMs, BRs, and Tutorials default to this Limit, while it is also available for Chaser matches.

Guns OnlyEdit

All shooting weapon and skill only. All game modes except Arcade Mode are available.

  • All shooting weapons allowed (such as Submachine Gun)
  • No sword weapons allowed
  • All skills allowed

Sword MatchEdit

A very popular Limit. This limits players to using melee weapons, only. Available in TDs, DMs, BRs, and Chaser matches.

  • Allowed weapons
    • Plasma Sword
    • Counter Sword
    • Storm Bat
    • Spy Dagger
    • Breaker
    • Twin Blade
    • Katana
    • Sigma Blade
    • EXO Scythe
    • Vital Shock
  • Allowed skills
    • HP Mastery
    • Half HP Mastery
    • SP Mastery
    • Dual Mastery


Chaser matches default to this Limit. Additionally, it is only available in Chaser matches.

  • Banned weapons
    • Mind Shock
    • Mind Energy
  • Banned skills
    • Block


All Arcade matches are set to this Limit. It cannot be changed.

  • Banned weapons
    • Sentry Gun
    • Senty Nell
  • Banned skills
    • Flying
    • Anchoring
    • Invisible
    • Block