Mind Energy icon

Slot heartwand
Heart of Princess

MagicCube ForcePack
Magic Cube

Mind Energy
Weapon type

Mental weapon


(healing) Moderate (3-10 HP restored)

Effective Range


Rate of Fire

High (3 heals per Second)



Starting Ammunition[?]

20 / 20

Maximum Ammunition[?]

20 / 100

Reload Speed

about 0.5 Seconds for every 4 units recharged.

Additional Stats

None, +1% - +10% Attack, Special Force Pack

Obtained by

Shop, Random Shop, G's Capsule, I's Capsule


Mental weapon that can recover your teams health. It can penetrate through wall or obstacles
  — In-game description 

Mind Energy is a mental weapon in S4 League. Its short range healing stream restores the health of allies.


Made for supporting fast-moving team members, Mind Energy is S4 League's primary healing weapon. Holding Mind Energy in hand reveals allies' locations and health bars, allowing the user to find injured teammates quickly. Once in range, activating the weapon releases a stream of energy similar to Mind Shock that locks onto an allied player until they travel out of range. Each tic of the stream restores part of the target's health.

Mind Energy can affect allies through walls and other obstacles including those generated by the Block skill.

Also similar to Mind Shock, Mind Energy must be aimed in order to heal effectively. To heal for the full amount, the player must correctly aim in two ways: the crosshairs must align with the target and the user's elevation must match that of the target. The healing will be a 'Critical Hit' if these conditions are met, while not aiming the crosshairs, or being above or below the target, will weaken the healing significantly.(Graphic Desired)

This weapon is one of two healing weapons in the game with the other being Rescue Gun.


  • Left click: Release Mind Energy stream


  • Fast, focused healing
  • Penetrates walls and obstacles
  • Large energy capacity
  • Wide aiming crosshairs


  • Low mobility
  • Vulnerable while firing weapon
  • Sometimes, the stream of energy hits an unintended target


  • Mind Energy can heal other team members only; it cannot heal the user.
  • Hide behind teammates and obstacles to avoid damage while using Mind Energy.
  • In Touchdown mode, heal the player holding the Fumbi to increase the distance they can travel.
    • Players can also heal teammates behind the carrier looking for a rebound to increase their chances of scoring.
  • In Deathmatch mode, healing between fights lessens the chances of your allies falling to enemy ambushes.
  • When targeted by Mind Energy, players can help the healer aim, and heal more effectively, by slowing their movement.


  • Though Mind Energy cannot kill another player, S4 League's data file set includes a kill icon for it. This was probably done to prevent a system error.
  • Before its update, Mind Energy previously healed at a slower rate, at around two times per second. (source needed)


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S4 League - Mind Energy Tutorial

S4 League - Mind Energy Tutorial

Mind Energy Tutorial from 2008 Video by MountYrus

S4 League Mind Energy Gameplay-0

S4 League Mind Energy Gameplay-0

Gameplay using Mind Energy