Mind shock

Icon mind aliceshock
Alice Shock

Mind Shock
Weapon type

Mental weapon



Effective Range


Rate of Fire

Low (2 hits per second)



Starting Ammunition[?]

15 / 15

Maximum Ammunition[?]

15 / 75

Reload Speed

about 1 second for every 3 units of charge

Additional Stats

None, +1% ~ +10% Attack, Special Force Pack

Obtained by

Shop, G's Capsule, Random Shop

Kill icon



Mental weapon that absorbs enemy health by disturbing the mind of the enemy. It causes huge shock damage by penetrating walls or obstacles.
  — In-game description 

Mind Shock is a mental weapon in S4 League.

Overview Edit

Mind Shock is a short range utility weapon that features a homing lock on system, and is one of the only weapons in the game that can ignore walls and obstacles. Damage dealt by Mind Shock is converted to a small amount of self healing.

Using the Mind ShockEdit

  • Left Click: Release Mind Shock lightning.
Mind Shock locks onto an enemy in front of the user, dealing damage over time for as long as the attack button is held. Enemies can break the lock by moving out of range.  
Mind Shock will deal full damage to a target that is struck dead-on; indirect strikes will deal a fraction of the damage. Specifically, each tick of damage will be a dead-on "critical hit" if two conditions are met:
  1. The target is on the same elevation as the user
  2. The target's body is centered in the crosshairs.
Note that walls and obstacles do not lower the damage dealt if both conditions are met.


  • Can track fast moving targets
  • Good skirmish potential around walls and obstacles
  • Small amount of healing with each hit


  • Low damage
  • Outclassed by high damage weapons in face-to-face fights
  • Low mobility, especially while attacking


  • Mind Shock is best used on level terrain where it can more easily hit its target dead-on for full damage.
  • Punish opponents that are hiding behind walls, but be careful around doorways and open corners where enemies can poke out and counterattack with high damage weapons.
  • Pair with the Block skill to create opportunities for wall striking by disrupting narrow travel paths.
  • Be wary of Mind Shock's low mobility when out in the open.
  • Mind Shock can lock onto invisible enemies.
  • Try combining with Detect to line up critical hits through non-transparent terrain.
  • Hitting a player under the effects of the Metallic skill will not reflect damage back to the user as with most other weapons.
  • Strive for critical hits to increase damage dealt and healing received.
  • Due to a glitch, this weapon will not affect any target that shows a blank health bar. This can happen in multiple situations, for example if the target is extremely damaged. Another example of this "No Target" effect comes from a known health bar glitch caused by network connectivity issues
  • Other weapons can be used to attack a player that shows a blank health bar.



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