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Mine gun
Mine Gun
Weapon type

Shooting weapon



Effective Range


Rate of Fire


Starting Ammunition[?]

1 / 4

Maximum Ammunition[?]

5 / 4

Additional Stats

+1%, +10% Attack

Kill icon

MineGun KillIcon


The Mine Gun is a weapon in S4 League. It's only available in Korea, Taiwan and Indonesia version.


The Mine Gun shoots sphere shaped mine (or grenade) that detonate upon hit if sucessfully hit an enemy, but if it fails to hit an enemy, it falls onto the ground and will detonate after few seconds. This is the first shooting weapon in S4 League that have limited reserve ammunition.



S4 League Patch 26 Mine Gun Greande Luncher license Test01:43

S4 League Patch 26 Mine Gun Greande Luncher license Test

The Mine Gun tutorial back in 2008.

S4 League Mine Gun gameplay07:02

S4 League Mine Gun gameplay

Gameplay of the Mine Gun.


  • Originally, the Mine Gun had multiple grenades in one magazine instead of the 1 grenade per-magazine system that used currently.
  • This is the first Launcher weapon in S4 League.
  • Dropped grenade will be explode originally when reloaded.
  • It's the only weapon that doesnt have a Force Pack variant.

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