Season 8 Neo Net Sphere

NEO Netsphere is the eighth season of S4 League.

Contents releasedEdit

Game ModeEdit



MK2 Weapons Edit

Unique Weapons Edit

  • Golden Gibson Plasma Sword
  • Gold Chain Counter Sword
  • Rolling Vulcan
  • Katana code: deleter
  • Oriental breaker
  • Mettalic Dragon Scythe
  • Mach-3 dagger
  • Neden typewriter

Unique Skills Edit

  • Power shield

Other Edit

  • Weapon Sword Rebalancing


S4리그 S4리그 시즌 8! 네오 넷 스피어(NEO Net sphere)03:02

S4리그 S4리그 시즌 8! 네오 넷 스피어(NEO Net sphere)

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