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Nightmare is a medium-sized Captain and Chaser map. It's part of Dark Lightning series.


This map consists of a hexagonal building with four levels, presumably built into the mountains as part of the hexagon building is covered by hill. Although all areas in the map are accessible to the players in Captain mode, some of the levels are not accessible to the players in Chaser mode:

  • The bell tower, which is the main attraction of Nightmare, and the spawning point of the Chaser. Can also be accessed in Captain mode by flying.
  • The upper floor, which is the tops of the walls. In Chaser mode, only the Chaser may access this area.
  • The ground floor, a maze of corridors which has certain breakable areas. Once broken, players may access the lower floor, before the ground reconstructs again in a small amount of time. This is where most of the players spawn.
  • The lower floor, which is an even more complicated set of corridors. When in Chaser mode, only the Chaser can access this floor by breaking the floors on ground level. In Captain mode, one can find many areas to set up a base for protection.

This map is suited for snipers, who may use the upper floor to look down upon both the ground and lower floors. There is also a melee area in a room beneath the tower. One may find a secret room in this area by breaking the lock on the wall.

Tips for Chaser Mode:Edit

  • The upper floor is separated from the ground floor by a red barrier. This barrier only allows access to the Chaser, so non-chaser players cannot jump into the upper floor. Also, bullets cannot pass through this barrier.
  • The ground floor is separated from the lower floor by a breakable floor and a blue barrier. This barrier only allows access to the Chaser, so non-chaser players cannot jump into the lower floor. Bullets may pass through the blue barrier.
  • The locked room near the centre of the map room can also be accessed by the Chaser from the back doors which lead to the lower floor. Non-chasers can only access the room from the front.


  • A hiding fumbi can be found on top of the tower.
  • There is a graveyard near the tower


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