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Twin Blade


Doubles attack power and defense


Ophelia is a chaser virus in S4 League that appeared in Dark Lightning.


This virus is based on the heroine of Dark Lightning, Ophelia. Its gender is Female. Her clothes are exactly the same as the Ophelia set. Her eyes are Navy Blue to a pale green. She wear garters and has a jacket-like top. A lock can be seen on hanging from her neck. She gives the player the ability to have double attack and defense stats with no downsides. This is considered the strongest Virus at the time. When the Chaser is chosen, she comes out of a mirror and seems to be happy to get out into the world of chaser. As a player is picked for chaser outside of the first round, she goes around the player as if she was seducing them, giving a kiss to the chaser (or making it look like she kisses him/her), with a suggetive look to boot.

In the Season NEO Netsphere she is revived by Hacker G under the orders of Atto and is now known as Jin Ophelia. Her purpose is to defeat Powerz to stop them from taking over the Netsphere. Dominic has also now created allies for her as well Blake and Emily. Her new costume consists of her having a dark purple bikini and crismon tatoos all over her body. She also appears to have silver cuffs around her wrists , legs and neck which have pale blue chains on the end of them. One of the chains has a heart on the end. Also there are bits of brown cloth on the back of the outfit that cover her bottom. Her hair is now also dark brown and shorter with a purple bow in her hair.


S4League Chaser Ophelia03:22

S4League Chaser Ophelia

S4 League - Ophelia New Chaser02:28

S4 League - Ophelia New Chaser

Some more gameplay with her if you want it! :D


  • Although she is seen with her Twin Blade in Dark Lightning trailer, she doesn't use it in game while she is the Chaser virus.
  • When playing as the chaser with the Ophelia virus, if you look carefully, her chains are outlined in the shape of wings similiar to a butterfly.
  • The butterfly wings are probably a reference to Lilith since Lilith was the one who put the giant padlock on Ophelia to keep her from moving and then proceeds to finish Ophelia off. Also on Lilith's chaser Virus we see that dark-purple butterflies fly around her while she is on her Gate Breaker and when she is defeated (purple butterfly shapes come flowing out of the breaker). Butterflies seem to be Lilith's motif or symbol.

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