The S4 League OST is made up by original songs composed by Bexter, Planetboom and Forte Escape. Said compositions were released in an album officially named Vivace on March 28, 2008.

A later updated sound track was released under the name S4 Leagers Supersonic. This was a special 2-year anniversary collector's edition soundtrack. This soundtrack was given out for free in limited numbers during an event (event name needed). This soundtrack came in 2-discs. The first disc contains all of the music up until the Chaser Update. Disc 2 contained a promotional Video used during S4 League promotion period, and a copy of the S4 League client. It was released sometime during December 2009.

Ever since its release, the soundtrack has been expanded with licensed songs from different bands and composers. Almost all of these tracks are from the DJMAX games, have been featured in a DJMAX game. This is likely due to the fact that Pentavision also created DJMAX as well as S4 League.

Vivace TracklistEdit

  1. NoVa - Bexter
  2. SuperSonic - Planetboom
  3. Move Your Spirit - Forte Escape
  4. Fuzzy Control - Planetboom
  5. Hypersonic - Forte Escape
  6. Free-Omatic - Planetboom
  7. Lobby - Forte Escape
  8. Channel Choice - Forte Escape
  9. Chain Reaction - Forte Escape
  10. Waiting Room - Forte Escape
  11. Eye Catch - Forte Escape
  12. Tutorial No.1 - Forte Escape
  13. Tutorial No.2 - Forte Escape
  14. Tutorial No.3 - Forte Escape
  15. Evolution (Promotion Video) - Forte Escape

Supersonic Soundtrack ListEdit

  1. Nova
  2. SuperSonic
  3. Move Your Spirit
  4. Fuzzy Control
  5. Hypersonic
  6. Free-omatic
  7. Lobby
  8. Channel Choice
  9. Chain Reaction
  10. Waiting Room
  11. Eye Catch
  12. Tutorial no.1
  13. Tutorial no.2
  14. Tutorial no.3
  15. Evolution (PV ver)
  16. SuperSonic (Mr.Funky Dirty Planet Remix)
  17. Nova (Mr.Funky Remix)
  18. MonoXide
  19. NB Power
  20. Zet (Also known as Come On in-game)
  21. Syriana
  22. Starfish
  23. Minus 3
  24. Nano Risk
  25. Brave It Out
  26. Plastic Method
  27. S4 the winner

Licensed SongsEdit

These tracks have yet to be released on an official soundtrack. Many of these tracks can be found in various DJMAX soundtracks.

  • Grave Consequence - Tsukasa (Colosseum)
  • New World - Bexter (Remix of NoVa) (Hyperium)
  • Real Over Drive - NieN (Galleon)
  • Access - Sphazer (Neoniac)
  • Dual Strikers (Rock Planet Mix) - 7 Sequence (Captain Mode)

Show Us Your Music Event SoundtracksEdit

These tracks are from the Show Us Your Music Event winners.

  1. Fate of the Netsphere - Tzunami
  2. Fight! Show Me Your S4! - Sheyeen.Lockhart
  3. Absolute Crysis - JUSTINBIEBER (In-Game Name, not the Singer)

Download linkEdit


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