PENPEN is the currency used in S4 League. It can be use to buy weapons and skills. PEN is acquired by playing in any match, regardless of game mode in S4 League. The amount you get is based on how well you played and how long.

PEN can also be used on Random Shop.

Methods of gaining PENEdit


  • PEN gain is mostly based on how long you play, with a bonus given to winners and then on personal merit.
  • Level now effects how much PEN you get after a match. You can gain up to +30% more PEN based on your level.
  • Battle Royal, Touch Down, Death Match and Chaser matches give more PEN than Arcade and Training matches. However, Arcade Capsules dropped from Arcade mode have a chance of giving you a high amount of PEN.
  • Friendly Matches matches give the same amount of PEN as normal matches.
  • You can spend AP to get bonus PEN for a limited amount of time, or you could even buy an accessory with a large PEN bonus on top.


  • Originally, the PEN logo use Pentavision logo but after new GUI update, it changed to blue token with the letter "P" at the center.