Parent Virus
Parent Virus(AM)
Previous level Escape
Enemies Virus

Infected eSper Healer

Boss(es) Parent Virus
Objective Defeat Parent Virus

"Parent Virus" is the eighth and final stage of Arcade Mode.



When vsing the Parent Virus its best to be prepared with lots of heavy or light (whichever you prefer) in the battle the stage is oddly shaped like a padlock on the floor to you can run around it and fire but while you do this it may teleport and swing its arms dealing some damage (yet to be tested) sometimes it'll summoner the little virus' or an infected eSper healer in which the little virus' will attack at you just like stage 3 it's best to be on-guard while he is doing this as he normally will just sit there if he's bringing them out the infected eSper healer will slowly heal the parent virus which can be a pain the the neck due to the lack of firepower you have taking it hp down.It is also possible for it to fire something towards you taking off quite abit of hp to beat this boss it is recommended one person brings shield and mind energy/rescue gun to survive it's hard hitting skills. after awhile it'll get fasters and quickly kill your team at this point you would have little ammo left so always kill the infecter healer and virus' for bonus powers/hp/ammo after defeating it your quest should end such as if you kill it and it kills you right after it might count as a lost depending the amount of time left before you killed it.

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