Pet is a costume item in S4 League. Like accessory, it gives user bonus SP. Originally, it use accessory slot but after the new GUI update it has it own slot; Pet Slot. There are a special class of pets called Unique Pets.

List of PetsEdit

  • Sparky
  • Magic Pumpkin
  • Space Bunny - The third rabbit "Tori" which started to enjoying playing in a space suit in zero gravity after metting the Apollo 11 crew.
  • Papicat - [Need description]
  • Waitress Lucy - [Need description]
  • Starfish - Look at this cute starfish!
  • Kid Rudolf
  • Little Rudolf - Pretty baby Rudolph who where's her coat constantly because the winter is too cold.
  • DJ Santa
  • Tuxedo Rabbit
  • Lucky Rabbit - Lucky Rabbit
  • Happy Rabbit - Happy Rabbit
  • White Rabbit - Naive baby rabbit that holds an egg and dreams about the birth of pokemon.
  • Stormbat Rabbit
  • Chess Code KingKing of Mirror land, stern looking but shy
  • Cutie Christmas Owl

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