Railgun kid
Signal Rail Gun

MadBunny RailGun
Madbunny Rail Gun

Pretender Rail Gun

Rail Gun
Weapon type

Sniping weapon


Moderate ~ High (Damage range: 30-150)

Effective Range

Medium ~ Long

Rate of Fire

Low (0.8 per Second)

Starting Ammunition[?]

4 / 4

Maximum Ammunition[?]

4 / 20

Reload Speed

about 1 Second per shot loaded

Additional Stats

None, +1% ~ +10% Attack, Special Force Pack

Obtained by

Shop, Random Shop, G's Capsule, I's Capsule

Kill icon

Kill gun rail


Sniping weapon which attacks with high density gravity energy. You have to gather energy for stronger attacks. But your movement speed is decreased while you gather the energy.
  — In-game description 

The Rail Gun is a strong, long ranged sniping weapon. It is the strongest weapon capable of making a one hit kill, with or without a critical.

Using the Rail GunEdit

  • Left Click: (Hold) Charge Rail Gun. Releasing will fire Rail Gun. The longer it is charged, the more damage it deals. A fully charged shot will throw and reduces the enemy's movement speed for 3 seconds;one hit(critical) kill the opponent. A normal shot will toss the opponent.
  • Right Click: Zoom. The middle portion of the screen is zoomed in, helping the user snipe.


  • Deals large amounts of damage
  • Normal shot causes flinching
  • Fully charged shots cause the target to fly back
  • Fully charged shots can cause a Wall Slam, for even more damage
  • Zoom capability
  • If lucky even if +1, 1 hit KO headshot.


  • Charging takes time.
  • Slow movement while charging.
  • User is more vulnerable while aiming, especially if zoom is activated.
  • High delay after firing
  • Bright light while charging is easy to spot.



Rail Gun in action.

  • You have to lead your target a small bit to hit.
  • Melee users are especially vulnerable during long cool-down moves such as CS uppercut or PS dash.
  • A short charge and a critical hit from the back can instantly kill almost anyone.
  • Useful in Chaser to knock the chaser back with full charged shot. Simply aim at the virus in possession of the player. Also useful to knock a chaser off the map in maps such as Circle-2 if they are flying.
  • This is the only weapon that allows one-hit kills on almost everyone with a fully charged, even with the weakest stats, and even if the target's HP is full.
  • Zooming, contrary to the popular belief, is only a visual aid. It does not increase accuracy per se. The Rail Gun's accuracy is always pin-point.

Sniping Weapon ComparisonEdit

The following is a quick chart that can be used to comparing the 3 sniping weapons of S4 League. All factors should be considered when using the best sniping weapon. However, this chart is to aid people into picking what's best for them and the weapon of choice is based on the user's preference.

Category Cannonade Rail Gun Semi-Rifle
Charge/Rapid Fire Chargable Chargable Rapid Fire
Zoom 3~4x? 3~4x? 1.5~2x
Area of Effect (AoE)/Spread Type Explosion (about 3 players stand next to each other) Single Target (Within the Crosshair/Aiming Reticle) Inverted-Y/Ribbon Spread (relative to /Aiming Reticle)
Damage Rate Medium to High High to one hit kill( fully charged)

Low to Medium

Magazine Size 5/Unlimited 4/Unlimited 30/Unlimited
Reload Speed Individual Shot Reload (1 for Each) Individual Shot Reload (1 for Each) All Shots reloaded at once, whether used or not


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S4 League レールガン

S4 League レールガン