RescueGun Mk2-2
Rescue Gun MK2
Weapon type

Throwing/Healing Weapon


Moderate ~ High

Effective Range


Rate of Fire




Starting Ammunition[?]

1 / 12

Maximum Ammunition[?]

5 / 12

Additional Stats

+8% attack,Special Force Pack

Obtained by

Item Crafting

Price (permanent)



The MK2 Rescue Gun grants stronger healing abilities. A new weapon that allows you to heal and reload simultaneously! Help your allies with the MK2 Rescue Gun!
  — In-game description 

The Rescue Gun MK2 is a Mark II variant of the Rescue Gun. It can restore Health and ammo, apart from the regular rescue gun that can restore only health.

Controls Edit

Command Description
Left Click
Fire healing grenade.
Right Click
Fire ammunition refill grenade.

Advantages Edit

  • SP healing
  • Restoration of ammunition
  • Can't heal enemies(and left,and right click)
  • AOE healing
  • Long range healing
  • User can acquire Heal Points faster than with the Mind Energy
  • Can heal NPCs in Arcade Mode

Disadvantages Edit

  • Limited ammuniton
  • Parabolic (Curved) trajectory can be tricky to learn at first in order to hit your targets
  • You still can't heal yourself


Video Edit

S4 League - Test Rescue gun-MK204:05

S4 League - Test Rescue gun-MK2

Rescue Gun MK2 Testing - S4 League (akiyume)02:47

Rescue Gun MK2 Testing - S4 League (akiyume)

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