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Rusty Garden
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Rusty Garden is a medium-sized Touchdown map in S4 League. It has jump ramps similar the one in the map Skyline, and is the first Touchdown map to utilize these jump ramps.

The players spawn in an area with access to two jump ramps, one leading to the team's Goal on the left side, and the other leading to the Fumbi ahead. The Fumbi is located on an elevated platform at the center of the map within a factory-like building. It is possible to wall jump along the outside of this building towards the Goal. There are two parallel bridges above the Fumbi spawn, which are commonly used by snipers to attack players retrieving the Fumbi at its spawn point.



S4 League Rusty Garden (New 8vs8 TD map)03:51

S4 League Rusty Garden (New 8vs8 TD map)


  • It was removed from the game and has been replaced with Ice Square.

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