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SigmaBlade 52

The Sigma Blade is a hard hitting weapon during Awakened form in comparison to the quick, weak attacks that the Katana possesses. When in Awakening form the player's SP will constantly drain at a steady rate. While awakened, weapons cannot be switched, and attacks used cannot be cancelled by dash. More...

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27nd October, 2015
  • EXO Scythe's unique weapon, Thanatos of Death added to the shop.


17th November, 2015
  • EXO Scythe's unique weapon, Thanatos of Death added to the shop.
  • New costume set Bloody Hunter (male) & Bloody Huntress (female) added to the shop.

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June 29th, 2011/IT'S TIME FOR AN OVERHAUL!
Wiki Overhaul is in progress. We encourage that all players from S4 League that use the wiki to help redo all the pages and make them look presentable as well as making them look like they were professionally done. Spread the word and help make S4 League Wiki the best it can be.

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