Icon gun semi rifle

Ico gun semi ayaya
AYA! Rifle

Viola semi1
Viola Semi Rifle

Weapon type

Sniping weapon


Moderate (Damage Range: 8-32)

Effective Range

Medium ~ Long

Rate of Fire

High (8 per Second)

Starting Ammunition[?]

30 / 30

Maximum Ammunition[?]

30 / 150

Reload Speed

about 2 Seconds

Additional Stats

None, +1% ~ +10% Attack, Special Force Pack

Obtained by

Shop, Random Shop

Kill icon

Kill gun semi rifle


It has a lower fire rate than the Submachine Gun but makes up for this with a much higher accuracy while zoomed in half-way.
  — In-game description 

The Semi-Rifle is a rapid-firing high-accuracy weapon that consists of a 30 bullet magazine and infinite reserve ammo It has a silver colour on the top half and a green colour on the bottom half of it for its normal version. The normal version also has a Gold/Black and Silver/Black palette option. Although being a rifle it has a zoom-in option for sniping purposes.


Command Description
Left Click
Fire Semi-Rifle. It has a high firing rate that allows you to pick off other players. Its spread pattern is similar to the SMG, but a good deal smaller.
Right Click
Zoom. This function enlarges the crosshairs at the center of the screen and zooms your vision, giving you an easier time hitting opponents with the rifle.
Keyboard R
Reload the Semi-Rifle


  • High rate of fire.
  • Zoom feature.
  • Quick reload speed.


  • Small spread makes it difficult to hit close evasive targets.
  • Low bullet clip for damage dealt..
  • High fire rate causes difficulties in ammo conservation.



Semi-Rifle in action.

  • Semi-Rifle follows the same inverted Y spread as Submachine Gun, except in a much smaller area. Some may refer this spread as a "Ribbon-Style."
  • The accuracy and bullet stream make it very hard to evade.
  • Snipers and Strikers get the most out of the Semi-Rifle. This weapon can be used in place of the SMG, due to its similar spread of fire and similar ammo traits.
  • Using the Plasma Sword's Dash and Hit combo will allow you to quick shoot down the foe, as the stun time on the Plasma Sword holds them down enough to quickly get criticals with the Semi-Rifle.
  • This weapon has the easiest time shooting down airborne enemies.
  • This is useful in Arcade mode, due to its ammo capacity and sniping scope.
  • Has the same problem with clipsize as Submachine Gun. Because 30 is not divisible by 4 the last 2 bullets jam the trigger for 2 empty shoots, which result in 0,5 seconds before the reload animation triggers. Can only be countered by an Esper Chip +6 Magazine. +3 Magazine is even more counter-productive because it leaves the player vulnerable for 3 empty shoots.


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S4 League - Semi Rifle Tutorial

S4 League - Semi Rifle Tutorial

The Old Semi Rifle Tutorial from 2008 Video by MountYrus

S4 League セミライフル

S4 League セミライフル


  • The Semi-Rifle was a part of a huge controversy about "Wall-Sniping" in which a player would take advantage of a wall to shoot enemies while covering his or her body. This was very constant previously to Patch 13 but has since become virtually non-existant.
  • In Korean, word AYA! is same thing as "OUCH!" so AYA! Rifle literally means OUCH! Rifle.