SP Bar

SP Gauge

Skill Points, or "SP" allows players to use skills in S4.

SP naturally regenerates, but holding a fumbi or using an active skill can halt the regeneration or even deplete SP.

The passive skill, SP Mastery, increases the SP Gauge by 40 SP.

SP Data ChartEdit

Skill SP Cost (activation) SP Drain (duration)
Sprint N/A 5 SP/sec
Dodge 20 SP N/A
Wall Jump 20 SP N/A
Fumbi N/A 5 SP/sec
Shield N/A 12 SP/sec
Anchor 35 SP N/A
Bind 35 SP N/A
Block 35 SP N/A
Invisible 20 SP 7 SP/sec
Fly 20 SP 7 SP/sec
Metallic 20 SP 7 SP/sec
Twin Blade 50 SP N/A
Breaker 50 SP N/A
Katana 25 SP N/A
Sigma Blade - 7 SP/sec

Some values above are estimated.

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