A Sniper is a Role built around dealing long range damage to the enemy team. Snipers disrupt the enemy Defenders and keep an eye on the enemy Strikers. It is almost mandatory to use either a Semi Rifle or a Rail Gun to be considered a Sniper.


Howie's Sniper/Defender: Not the best at either, though in smaller games carrying multiple roles is mandatory.

Weapon Choices:

  1. Rail Gun
  2. Burst Shotgun
  3. Smash Rifle

Skill Choice: Block

Clothing(In order of Necessity):

  1. Rail Gun + Shirt (or sufficient + All shirt)
  2. Shooting Weapon Defense + Pants (Unequip Pants to improve move speed! Or + All defense pants)
  3. Cool Gloves with HP
  4. Cool Shoes with HP
  5. Accessory with SP
  6. Hair(?) with shooting defense

(Will update Later) Howiefizzle 14:56, June 14, 2010 (UTC)

Lots of room for more! Write in your dream build for a Sniper Here!

Rail Gun


Sentry Gun

HP Mastery

2nd sniper build

Rail Gun


Burst Shotgun


Another great build is:


Dagger (To hitstun those pesky sword spammers or quickly kill them), a PS will do fine too though.


HP mastery

Build :

Weapons : Rail gun, Submachine gun, Dagger

Skil : Metallic

Sniper/Defender Build(For good players)

I picked Counter Sword and Storm Bat is because pushing players off the platform is effective in guarding.

Weapons(Melee) : Counter Sword/Storm Bat

Airgun have the effect of knockbacks. It's also a great supportive weapon, though you need to use it at the correct time. If your out of ammo, suicide.

Weapons(Guns) : Airgun, Railgun

Shields are useful for people who knows how to airhug and fade step. Sp is more of a striker build, but it's still acceptable since you'll be spamming ur dash moves.

Skill : Shield or Sp(Skill Point) Mastery

DM/TD Sniper Build

Railgun/Cannonade (Railgun if you can frequently directly hit someone at full charge, while the Cannonade is if you can either crit or barely miss them).

Revolver/Shotgun/HMG (Some kind of gun you can use to fight someone well or finish off a kill).

Breaker (Really any melee weapon works but I use a breaker so I can drop down on someone with jump and quickly kill them).

Skill: Fly (If your going to use the HMG and Breaker plus your sniping weapon, you can fly with an HMG to avoid melees or revolvers, you can fly with a charged rail/cannon instead of jumping then charging).