Icon gun shooting
Shooting Star Rifle

Spark Rifle
Weapon type

Shooting Weapon



Effective Range

Short ~ Medium

Rate of Fire


Starting Ammunition[?]

30 / 60

Maximum Ammunition[?]

30 / 150

Additional Stats

None, +1% - +10% Attack, Special Force Pack

Obtained by

Shop, G's Capsule, Random Shop

Kill icon

Kill gun spark


Helps to aim, but it is less accurate at long-distance attacks and rapid shooting. Randomly fires a critical shot.
  — In-game description 

The Spark Rifle is a rifle that fires in a similar fashion of the Homing Rifle. It is the counterpart of the Homing Rifle.


The Spark Rifle is a weapon introduced in the Dark Lightning series. It fires in the same style as the Homing Rifle. Unlike its counterpart, the Spark Rifle's shots cannot track the target. The spark rifle is able to make Random Criticals; this allows the rifle to randomly fire a critcal shot, regardless of where it hits on the target. It is possible to stack the damage done by the critical by aiming for the head of the target player, which actually increases the amount of damage done. Like the Homing Rifle, it has a 30/60 magazine. It is wise to use the ammo conservatively. The ideal use of this weapon is about 10 steps or so ahead of you. The damage can be drastically increased via "crit" and "damage revised by distance" enchants.

Using the Spark RifleEdit

  • Left Click: Fire. The Spark Rifle shoots a ball of electricity similar to that of the Homing Rifle, except that it doesn't track the target. By holding the left click, multiple shots may be fired.

Beta PeriodEdit

For S4EU, all players who logged in from February 23(?) to March 15th recieved a 7-Day trail of the weapon. alaplaya said that everyone who logs in from that time period will recieve the rifle in 24 hours, or the next day.