Station 1pre
Map Size


Game Mode

Touch Down

Max players



Station-1 is a small-sized rotationally-symmetrical Touch Down map. Like Station-2 it is set in a train station, except that it is decorated with more neon lights.


Players spawn within one of two trains located on opposite sides of the map. The trains are protected by lightning fences, so that no opposing player may enter the spawning area.

The train exits to a large two story room. When exiting the train, on the left is a large wall with a gameplay screen, straight ahead is a pit which leads to the lower level of the map, and on the right wall is the team's goal which must be defended from opposing players. There is a passage way on the immediate right which makes a U-turn before reaching the goal from behind. Striking players whom have low SP are unable to wall jump to the goal and would use this passageway to score instead.

The ball is located in the center of the map, in the middle of a long platform. This platform runs parallel to the trains, and is the main area for battle, since there is little cover. To reach this platform, players wound exit their train and turn left, behind the flatscreen wall. On either side of the platform are two long pits. Players may sidestep into the pits to avoid a full-frontal attack. There are also lamppost-like structures lined on either side of the long platform, which may be stood upon.

Due to the two flatscreen walls on either side of the map, blocking a straight path from the Fumbi spawn to the goal, the walls act as a good defence, forcing players to detour around the wall to score. The high defence provided by these walls usually result in few goals ever being scored in this map. Thus it is important that attackers must attack in a group to have a better chance of scoring.


  • Players with flying or anchor have a slight advantage, since they are able to fly over the flatscreen wall, as well as bypass the pits in front of the goal.
  • The area around the flatscreen wall is an optimal place to set both sentries and people with HMG, because strikers detouring around the wall cannot easily avoid the attacks.
  • With enough SP, players may bypass the pit in front of the goal by wall jumping from the side wall or from the flatscreen wall which is opposite the goal.


  • The map has been used in a trailer video for S4 League.
  • In the respawn there are some TVS sponsoring.