It's the Striker's task to get the Fumbi to or within scoring range of the opponent's goal; for the Striker, the first few seconds before the Fumbi is picked up from its spawn point are the most important. During this time, the Striker needs to reach and take the ball before the opponent does. He/she will then proceed to run the ball as far into the opponent's base as possible.

Recommended Equipment Edit


  • Any melee weapon and/or Handgun to allow for more mobility
  • Any gun with which the user is efficient and can kill quickly


  • HP+30
  • SP+
  • Anchor
  • Invisibility (for invisible pick-ups)

(NOTE: Recommended skill varies by map size and structure.)

Weapons : Handgun/Dagger,Plasma/Counter Sword,Smash Rifle/Submachine Gun/Revolver

Handgun and Dagger can be used to have more mobility.

Plasma and Counter Sword have the rushing effect to be in a goal.

Smash Rifle and Submachine Gun is good killing machine but Revolver is a great push-back monster if you know how to use it and aim.

Skills : SP+40 for quickwits sp wasting xD

Anchor for a shortcut to goal and beware of Snipers

Invisibility(only for pros) Only those who know how to use it can succeed in this skill.

HP+30 is recommended only if you are not deciding to be a Striker but a defender

Playstyle CharacteristicsEdit

Strikers almost always carry a speed boosting weapon such as a melee (excluding the Breaker) or a Handgun. Occasionally, a Striker may also be equipped with Anchor in order to cover distances quickly or to access areas of the map that would otherwise not be worth the effort. Strikers may also carry Invisibility in order to avoid damage when approaching the ball and to briefly catch the opposing team by surprise.

The most notable weakness in many Strikers is their lack of firepower, due to their putting running the ball on the top of their priority list. This plus the fact that they make themselves prime targets by picking up the Fumbi very often makes them quick to die, and indeed, a Striker will probably have the highest death count in any Touchdown match.