Jackpot capsule celebrating the new season, available for a limited time and amount! A permanent costume set guaranteed! Use this capsule to receive ONE of the following items from each category randomly.
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Super Capsule is a capsule in S4 League. It was made available in shop before Season 5: Wonderland released.

Capsule contentEdit

Super M capsuleEdit

Zone 1

  • Clock Rabbit Boy Set (Permanent, Normal Stat)
  • Backstreet Boy Set (Permanent, Normal Stat)
  • Rebellious Set (Permanent, Normal Stat)
  • Intelli Boy Set (Permanent, Normal Stat)
  • HeavyStone Referee Set (Permanent, Normal Stat)
  • Advanced Boy Set (Permanent, Normal Stat)
  • First Virtual Set (Permanent, Normal Stat)

Zone 2

  • Papicat SP +6 (1, 7 ,30 Day)
  • Bandana Style SP +6 (1, 7 ,30 Day)

Super W capsuleEdit

Zone 1

  • Smart Alice Set (Permanent, Normal Stat)
  • Backstreet Girl (Permanent, Normal Stat)
  • Lilith Set (Permanent, Normal Stat)
  • Punky Girl (Permanent, Normal Stat)
  • Cheerleader Set (Permanent, Normal Stat)
  • Advanced Girl Set (Permanent, Normal Stat)
  • Virtual Memory Set (Permanent, Normal Stat)

Zone 2

  • Papicat SP +6 (1, 7 ,30 Day)
  • Delicate Style SP +6 (1, 7 ,30 Day)

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