Map Size


Game Mode

Touch Down

Max players



Temple-M is a medium-sized Touchdown map, This map is similar to Temple-O

Simulates an oriental temple. Within each temple is a Goal. In the central courtyard the ball (Fumbi) is located on an elevated platform. This platform is usually where most of the fighting occurs.

Each temple consists of a small maze of corridors, in which it is easy for an attacking striker to become lost. Alternatively a striker can enter the opposing team's temple from the roof, where an allied lightning fence is located. The striker must be wary when approaching the goal, for an opposing lightning fence is found on the ground in front of the goal, in which spawning opponents come out of.

A lot of the objects found in this map are breakable, and can be used as either shields or stepping stones in order to climb the temple. The layout of the map also provides opportunities to execute many wall jump combinations.