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Vital Shock
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The Vital Shock is a melee weapon in S4 League. It was removed from S4 League due mass criticism about it being an overpowered weapon. However, it makes a return and has been revised. It is currently on testing phase.

Command Edit

Command Description
Left Click
Slash out with the Vital Shock. Can be used quickly in fast succession and deals minor damage. Attacking while in mid-air will consume some SP.
Hold Left Click
Executes a pulling motion, attracting any enemies close by and dealing damage. If you do this attack while being in close range, you keep the enemies in your grasp and deal damage to them.
Right Click
Executes a charge attack much like the Plasma Sword. You dash towards your opponent dealing minor damage and staggering them. This move can be cancelled into the LMB or LMB-Hold.

If you do the LMB-Hold after a dash attack then you will push your enemy away, not pull them in.



Steparu S4 League The Claw

Steparu S4 League The Claw

Vital Shock in Action

S4 League Vital Shock (OLD Vers) VS Vital Shock (New Vers)

S4 League Vital Shock (OLD Vers) VS Vital Shock (New Vers)

Comparison between old and new one.